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The 2012 US Presidential Campaign is a hot topic on social media. Recently Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been working on social media sites to increase their influence. As it is fairly apparent that the presidential race is now between Romney and Obama, the race online is heating up.

The campaign is reaching new heights with candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney reaching out to voters using various social media platforms.

At the first presidential debate, voters thought Mitt Romney was a clear winner. But Barack Obama dominated the social media.

The second debate was a reversal of form: Voters thought Obama was the victor, but Romney picked up more followers on leading social media platforms.

But the social media verdict after the Hofstra debate was decidedly mixed. While Romney picked up more followers on Twitter and Facebook, Obama’s campaign outsmarted Team Romney in its use of “promoted Tweets” and quickly jumped on memes such as Romney’s “binders full of women” remark. The result: The Democratic incumbent left the Republican presidential nominee in the dust when it came to metrics for social media engagement.

Here’s the infografphic, that will show you how Romney picked up more followers but Obama used it better-

Social Media Showdown: Obama vs Romney
In the days and week coming forward, it will be interesting to see how both use social media to their advantage.
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