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SocialAppsHQ introduced “Inbox” today to drastically reduce the amount of time spent by marketers in managing conversations with their customers.

Inbox is easy-to-use and allows multiple team members to collaboratively keep track of everything they’re working on for managing brand’s online reputation.

What’s Inbox?

Inbox collects every snippet of activity from across the web into a single stream. The stream is full of anything and everything happening across the company workspace: new tasks, completed tasks, comments, assignments and more.

How you can leverage “Inbox” in Monitoring Set Up?

  • Inbox gives you the whole story: With one click, you can see the entire history and up-to-date status of the work that it’s about: who owns it; the summary notes; all the relevant comments and due date for finishing the task.

The admin can immediately assign the new task to their team members and can change its due date. Later, they can search for that task, without needing to bug admin to forward the email again.

  • Inbox gives you control: Inbox shows you update on all and only the tasks and projects you are following. Only Admin and Owner of the pages can see the task assigned to other team members.
  • Inbox makes you faster: With inbox feature, you can quickly check all the tasks and can immediately reply and publish your comments across the web. You can also send back the confirmation in just a minute.

On the launch, Mr.Rajat Garg, CEO, SocialAppsHQ said that “Inbox enables marketing teams to manage conversations with customers easily – keeping everyone focused on what they should be doing, which post needs to be replied immediately, or later by assigning due dates. Further, marketers can easily keep a check on task whether it’s completed on time or not. In early testing, Inbox helps save 50% of marketer’s time in managing online reputation”.

About SocialAppsHQ

SocialAppsHQ provides an All-in-One Social Media Marketing platform – it includes the largest FB app store, Monitoring, Social Planner and Social Ads.

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For further information please contact:

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CEO (SocialAppsHQ)

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