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Aamby Valley City (AVC), the first of its kind Megalopolis, spread over more than ten thousand undulating acres of verdant expanse, is snuggly nestled amidst picturesque environs of the great Sahayadri mountain range.

The Aamby Valley City, mission is mainly to raise the awareness of AVC Brand, increasing consumer’s interest in the campaign, and positioning the AVC Brand as an exclusive destination of resorts and gateway for customers.

Aamby Valley City Photo Contest 2012

The Aamby Valley City’s Photo Contest Campaign was designed by the digital agency BrandLogist. The Aamby Valley City Photo Contest ran by using SocialAppsHQ’s Photo Contest App. In this contest, fans were supposed to submit the photographs that capture the true essence of Aamby Valley City. The best entry got the chance of one night stay at their elegant Aussie Chalet.

The winner was Mr.Meraj Syed.


With 161 entries in the contest and 600+ votes, the campaign was huge success & made sure that it got people talking about its brand. Apart from Photo Contest Campaign, AVC also ran a sweepstake campaign, where fans were asked to participate in order to get a chance of becoming part of New Year bash, Glitterati 2012. The contest was run on both the Facebook & Twitter and the end result was not only fans were happy but also Bollywood celebrities were talking about it.

A quick tip for SME’s is to always indulge with your loyal customers who would help in spreading word-of-mouth for your brand.

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