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KitchenAid, the iconic brand for home appliances, trying to repair the damage from an irresponsible tweet about President Obama’s late grandmother during Presidential debate last Wednesday.

During the presidential debate, soon after Obama mentioned about his late grandmother, @KitchenAid USA sent the following message to its 25,000 followers- now deleted but widely preserved in hundreds of retweets.

This tweet sparked consumer outrage against KitchenAid. KitchenAid quickly deleted the tweet and issued an apologies tweet to the President Obama-

Cynthia Soledad, KitchenAid’s Senior Director of branding, then took control of the KitchenAid account to issue a follow-up tweet that sought to “Personally apologize” to the president & his family as well as everyone on Twitter for this offensive Tweet.

KitchenAid immediately apologized within 8 minutes as reported by Simply Measured & Mashable. Within a minute, this irresponsible tweet was retweeted many thousand times and spread like wildfire, especially during major events on last Wednesday.

We did social media monitoring by using SocialAppsHQ’s Monitoring Tool, just to show you conversations happening about it across the web. We observed that conversation happening more on Twitter as compare to Facebook.

Here’s what people are saying about KitchenAid soon after this incident-

We also did sentiment analysis of fans across the web and found it negative during the event.

Although we appreciate Cynthia Soledad, KitchenAid’s Senior Director, for taking an immediate action and owned up to it, something like this especially during the election season puts them in a very bad spot. A good SMMS platform where content needs to be pre-approved could have saved them this PR nightmare.

Readers, do you think KitchenAid handled it well or, does it really matter how they responded as the damage was already done? Share your views with us.