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SocialAppsHQ, All-in-One Social Media Marketing Platform, launched ‘Search by Location’ and ‘Widgets for Websites’ to take monitoring to next level. Integration with Google+, Klout influencer & advocate ranking, major upgrade to topical analysis also went live today.

At SocialAppsHQ, we believe social media monitoring is going to be the underlying engine powering the next wave of contextual marketing tools. For context, location awareness is key! Now, companies can enter a Geo-coordinate and radius to find potential users in that area – you can even filter by a keyword. E.g. A restaurant owner can now find people talking about food in 2 miles of his/her restaurant and then send them a message to increase foot traffic in the restaurant!

Monitoring widget for website will enable blogs/review sites to see and measure customer reaction across the web around any keyword. You can check it here – https://widget.socialappshq.com/widget/landing

Features released today make marketer’s job a lot easier –

1. Ability to listen to Google + – Marketers can now monitor data on Google+ by simply entering Google+ URL

2. Klout rankings – To help you quickly measure influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks, SocialAppsHQ has integrated with Klout API. Now, mentions can be sorted based on Klout score so that you never miss responding to anyone important.

3. Advocates and Influencers –Companies need to differentiate between advocates and influencers as an enthusiastic advocate may not be a known commodity according to Klout but if he/she is willing to spread the word, you should reach out to them sooner than later. SocialAppsHQ now provides a way to identify them quickly.

SocialAppsHQ CEO, Rajat Garg, said “Search by Location, Google+, Klout rankings, Widget & other features added today further enhance client’s ability to monitor their brand & manage conversations brilliantly with one, easy-to-use tool. It’s a first enterprise grade product ever for monitoring space that is completely free to start with.”

About SocialAppsHQ

SocialAppsHQ provides an All-in-One Social Media Marketing platform – it includes the largest Facebook app store, Monitoring, Social Planner and Social Ads.