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1. Social Media News-

  • Twitter rolls out new profile: You can now upload all new header photos on mobile apps for ipad, iphone and Android or and the same image will appear whenever anyone views your profile web or these apps. You can upload your header photo, which appears above your tweets, to express yourself instantly, anywhere.


  • Google+ improves hangout: Google+ has now improved the quality of conversations in hangouts. The main features include improving public invites, the ability to block people and create 18 years old and above hangout.

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6. Social Media News-

  • Socialomate: Send direct messages to multiple followers at once .
  • My Social Promo: a tool for small businesses to tap into the social networks and drive new business via word-of-mouth sharing.

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  • Placed: a location analytic tool leveraging mobile devices to help you understand your customers better.

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