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Since 1981, Maggie Crochet has designed countless Afghans and home décor projects for publishers and yarn companies. Her designs have been featured in numerous leaflets, magazines, books and on TV. There are over 20 books and over 700 hundred patterns in the Maggie’s Crochet exclusive product line. They are the largest “all crochet” site on the internet with 5,000 patterns and supplies from distributors worldwide.

You can read in more details here- http://www.maggiescrochet.com/


Maggie Crochet’s mission is to teach the designing of crochets worldwide. The major goal is to increase its outreach amongst the fans across the web.

In order maximize its outreach, Maggie crochet is fully leveraging the power of Social Media by running Contests, Sweepstakes campaign and even blog to make her fans more about making crochets, knitting, knooking etc.

Maggie Crochets Sweepstakes Campaign 2012

Maggie Crochet is running a Sweepstake campaign by using SocialAppsHQ‘s Sweepstake App, where fans can win $2000 worth of Maggie’s Top Crochet Patterns. All the fans just have to “Like” the page & fill out the form to get the prizes. This campaign is running successfully and receiving the maximum likes from the fans and followers. Here are the details-


Number of users that participated in Sweepstake – 2,395

Number of users who referred others – 260

Key Takeaways

A well-setup sweepstake can be used to incentivize a user to promote your sweepstake and in turn your brand effectively. Given that 260 users referred other users to join sweepstake, impressions created through sharing and tweeting are very valuable especially because they drove others to fill-in the form. We don’t measure the impressions generated in case of sweepstake right now but we will add that soon!