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From last many months we have been covering Top Social Media Bloggers around the world and came forward with top list like Top 30 Social Media Bloggers around the world, Top 30 Women in Social Media Around the world and now we got the list of Top 15 Social Media Influential in Australia!

We have shortlisted this list based on the quality of their content, number of followers, fans and involvement in social media.

Here we go-

1. Jeff Bullas – He is one of the most talked about blogger in social media. He wear two Hats- one as an Account Director for the Digital Agency –“Infinity Technologies” & second one, know as social media marketing blogger, speaker, strategist. He has worked with many big brands to optimize social media & other web technologies.You can follow him @Jeffbullas

2. Darren Rowse – He has been blogging since 2002 on over 30 blogs. He’s been earning a full time living from his blog since 2005. Now he focuses his time upon ProBlogger.net (Blogging tips) and Digital-Photography-School.com (A Photography Community). Darren is the author of ProBlogger the book called “31 days to build a better blog”, co-founder of the B5media blog network and speaks regularly on blogging & social media. Follow him @problogger

3. Scott Rhodie – Based in Sydney, Scott Rhodie is now the VP- Digital Media for Fleishman- Hillard. Scott Rhodie is a one of the few PR people who actually understand the intricate workings of the web. Rhodie is fast becoming one of the most well-known digital PR specialist social media circles.Follow him @ScottRodhie

4. Duncan Riley– is one of the big boys in social media. His first foray into the online world was way back in 1995, when he created a website for one of Australian’s political parties. In 2002, Riley has launched The Blog Herald – the first blog to relay news of the relatively new phenomenon of blogging. Follow him @duncanriley

5. Tim Burrowes – Burrowes is the man behind Mumbrella , the website that covers everything under Australia’s media and marketing umbrella. This site includes news and opinion pieces as well as aggregated content.
Follow him @mumbrella

6. Angus Kidman – He is one of Australia’s most experienced and dynamic writers on technology, media and all kinds of other topics. Since 2008, he’s been the editor of Lifehacker Australia and writes all the local content for the site. He has won award for Best Technical Writer in 1997.
Follow him @gusworldau

7. Stilgherrian – Based in Sydney, Stilgherrian is a self- proclaimed opinionated writer and broadcaster.  He covers the intersection of technology, politics and the media for ZDNet Australia, Crikey, Technology Spectator, CSO Online, the ABC’s Drum Opinion, and the Sydney Morning Herald, his own website and others.            Follow him @stilgherrian

8. Costa Anastasiadis – He has founded the gourmet pizza company Crust Pizza in 2001, and by 2008 he had 17 franchises. Well, he has done good job in just two years, able to open total of 50 gourmet pizza stores, and all with a helping hand from social media. He has fully leveraged the power of social media that makes him stand out from other pizza chains.Follow him @crust_pizza

9. Pip Lincolne – She is a blogger, a crafter, a writer, and author. She has been writing Meet Me at Mike’s since 2006. She is a craft contributor for Frankie Magazine. She sometimes appears on morning TV show The Circle, as their craft presenter. Google named Meet Me at Mikes a Blog of Note in May 2011. The Age (Melbourne) Magazine has named her as one of their Top 100 Most Influential Melbourne people in 2009. Cleo named her as ‘Cleo’s Next Top Blogger’ in 2009.Follow her @meetmeatmikes

10. Iggy Pintado – Iggy Pintado is an accomplished and experienced business leader, executive, coach, speaker and author. He is an internationally recognized connection technology guru and a dedicated observer of societal and business models and patterns. He has co-founded a business networking consulting business in 2008 called ConnectGen, and he’s written a book about it, entitled Connection Generation.Follow him @iggypintado

11. Laurel Papworth – She is a dynamic, fun presenter, who has been creating and managing online communities over 20 years. Forbes Magazine has named Laurel in the 50 Most Influential in Social Media globally. Marketing Magazine has also named Laurel as ‘Head of Industry, Social Media’ for Australia. Laurel is the CEO of The Community Crew managing massive games and online communities including Facebook and forums for reality TV shows such as Junior Master Chef. Check her blog here.Follow her @SilkCharm

12. Gavin Heaton – He is the principal of digital strategy consultancy, The Social Way. He is author of Servant of Chaos, one of the Australia’s leading marketing blogs and is the co-publisher (with Drew McLellan) of the ground- breaking collaborative marketing book series, Age of Conversation. Gavin has worked in agencies (leading the global digital strategy for McDonald’s) and on the client side (SAP, IBM). Follow him @servantofchaos

13. Cameron Reilly– He has been doing social media/digital media since 1995. He has been working in cyberspace from last 17 years and has a number of online business interests, including Australia’s first social media company The Podcast Network, which he co-founded in 2004. With over 500,000+ monthly listeners The Podcast Network has become one of Australia’s largest independent media companies, and continues to grow. You can follow his website also.

Follow him @cameronreilly

14. Yaro Starak – He is the Founder of Entrepreneurs – Journey.com. Yaro has been creating and managing various Internet businesses since 1998. His main line of work at present is teaching people how to make a full time income from blogging part-time, something many of us would love to know the secret. You can follow him at Blog Mastermind.  Follow him @yarostarak

15. Rob Findlay – Based in Melbourne, Rob Findlay is the man behind The Bank Channel. He has worked for NAB for over three years as their Customer Experience Manager in Direct Channels and has kept the social media space up-to-date. There are many excellent posts on The Bank channel regarding marketing and innovation that can be applied to any field. Currently he is Director, Innovation at Research in Motion at Next Bank Asia. Follow him @thebankchannel

If you think we have missed out any one worth mentioning, do let us know to update in our next list!

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