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The London 2012 Olympic showed us what social media can truly do for an international event. Social media usage has exploded over the past few years with several fold increase in activity since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

While the game lasted only for 17 days, it generated enough content that would have taken lifetime of entire human race to create just couple of decades back. Let’s take a quick look at these numbers –

  • 306 Billion Pieces of content were shared across the Open Web, That’s 208,333 shares per second.
  • Usain Bolt used only 9.63 seconds to run 100 Meter; by the time he reached the finish line over 2 Million items were shared.
  • Open Web has got 306 Billion shares, Facebook got 102 Billion shares & Twitter got 5 Billion Tweets
  • Michael Philips became the top Olympian of all the time, earnings his 22 Medal. H e was also the athlete that generated the most online traffic, with more than 3 million items shared per day.
  • David Douglas was a contender as well. The photo of Douglas on the box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes was shared more than 1 million times within the first day it appeared.

Below is Infographics of Olympic social sharing –

(Source: This Infographic is from social media monitoring company Sentiment Metrics)

Reality is that Olympic is now over but these statistics may be nothing compared to the next Olympic in 2016.