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Harley Davidson is one of the best known companies in the world that works harder to build genuine relationships with their customers.


The major goal of Harley Davidson is to generate potential leads for buying their products or service.

In order to achieve these goals, Harley Davidson has been very active in promoting their products or services by getting involve in direct marketing and social media marketing.

Sweepstakes Campaign 2012

Brasilia Harley Davidson has creatively used SocialAppsHQ’s Sweepstakes App to generate interest in test driving. This campaign was focused on driving likes and generates leads for test driving Harley Davidson.

This campaign was run utilizing FB ads, content marketing on Harley Davidson Brasilia FB page and leverage SocialAppsHQ’s multi-lingual platform to target their audience.


Number of Entries for free drives – 41 entries

Number of Likes increased – 500

Time period – 2 weeks

Interesting Insight

For most social media campaigns, defining clear goals closely associated with company business are key to success. Harley Davidson Brasilia got 41 leads at a cost that was cheaper than any other marketing channel.