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A month back we have created the list of Top 30 Social Media Bloggers all over the world which was very well received and appreciated. This time we have come up with the list of Top 30 women in social media all over the world that you must follow.
We have shortlisted top 30 women in social media on the basis of their involvement in social media marketing, their quality of content on blogs, & their followers on Twitter. Here’s the list-

Mari Smith– Mari Smith is a passionate social media leader, specializing in relationship marketing & Facebook mastery. She is coauthor of ‘Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day’ and her new book ‘The New Relationship Marketing was just released.

Kristi Hines – Kristi is a web strategist and freelance writer with credits at Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Journal.

Kristie Wells– She is the president and Co-founder of Social Media Club. Kristie is a long time social media and community advocate.

Ann Handley– She is the chief content officer at Marketingprofs, co-author of the excellent content rules book and past co-founder of ClickZ. She maintains a personal blog called Annarchy

Amber Naslund– She is a co-author of ‘The Now Revolution’ (coauthored by Jay baer). Amber is an avid writer and passionate content creator, and her blog has been recognized among Forbes 20 Best Social Media & Marketing Blogs by Women.

Amy Portfield– She is a social media strategist who specializes in Facebook. She is also a co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-one for Dummies.

Maggie Fox is the founder/CEO of SocialMediaGroup.com one of the world’s best-known social media agencies, established in 2006. The major clients include Ford, SAP, CNN, and Thomson Reuters Select Comfort.

Nicole Nicoley– She is the founder of Mytechopinion.com. Nicole is MTO’s Content Editor and writes about utilizing social media WordPress for business in an informative “hot-to” style.

Charlene Li – She is founder of Altimeter Group and the author of the New York Times bestseller, Open Leadership. She is one of the foremost experts on social media and technologies and a consultant and independent thought leader on leadership, strategy, social technologies, interactive media and marketing.

Lisa Stone – As the BlogHer Co-founder and CEO, Lisa has had extensive influence and impact to create opportunities for women who blog to gain additional community, exposure, education and economic empowerment.

Ayelet Noff – Specializing in helping brands use social media tools such as social networks, the blogosphere, and social software to create brand awareness, recruit employees, or achieve any other goal. You can follow her blog Blonde 2.0

Susan Elaine Cooper – She is the founder Buzzedition.com. Susan is a social media enthusiast and strategist. She is an active participant in social media and currently handles social media marketing.

Ann Smarty– She is the founder of Myblogguest.com. A community of bloggers who are interested in writing or publishing (or both) guest posts. The best way to start here is to browse through the forums and see what others do.

Viveka von Rose– is the founder linkedintobusiness.com. If you’re in need of a LinkedIn expert, viveka brings serious expertise. She’s also a social media enthusiast, speaker & trainer. She also hosts LinkedIn chat & is the author of the LinkedIn Business.

Lisa Grimm – Lisa Grimm is a Digital Public Relations / Social Media Specialist. She has an extensive experience doing social media for consumer brands.Lisa is highly networked in the social media and PR world, writes a very smart blog and speaks at conferences like BlogWorld and PRSA events. Lisa publishes the Communications Passionista blog.

Zena Weist– She was a Director of Social Media at H&R Block where she earned national acclaim for integrated online marketing communication programs. She has long time agency and client side online marketing experience. Zena was earlier VP at Edelman Digital. In mid-April, she has moved to the social software company, Expion, where she is VP of Strategy. They recruited her away from Edelman.

Yvonne DaVita– A very long time blogger with a specific focus on marketing to women online, Yvonne DaVita is an author, Co-Founder at BlogPaws and President at Windsor Media Enterprises.

Tara Hunt– She is a CEO of Buyosphere.com, Author (The Whuffie Factor), Speaker (100+events) and one of the most influential women in technology. She has an extensive experience with online marketing, community marketing and is very active on the social web

Stephanie Agresta– She’s an author, speaker, co-founder of Techset and has been instrumental in developing digital strategies for major brands such as Microsoft, Windows Phone, PepsiCo, HP and P&G. Stephanie is a frequent speaker on social media topics at BlogWorld, SXSW and BlogHer. You can follow her blog at StephanieAgresta.com

Shauna Causey– She is the VP of Seattle Social Media Club, Co-Founder of Tech Mavens and Social Media Manager for Nordstrom after previously working in a similar role with Comcast.

Ekaterina Walter– She is a Social Media Strategist at Intel. Ms. Walter works in Portland and is part of a small team of social media specialist working closely with Intel’s corporate marketing group to provide a set of best practices and strategies. Follow her @ekaterina

 Marcia Hansen– She is working at Intel in Digital Marketing as Social Media Marketing Manager responsible for corporate and consumer social media projects, gives Marcia a great opportunity to show the social media savvy she gained pioneering the use of social media at her previous employer,Allstate Insurance.

Jennifer Van Grove– As a startups reporter on Mashable, Jenn’s stories is often syndicated to CNN, Forbes, USA Today and Yahoo News. Based in San Francisco Bay Area, Jenn’s social media starter, having helped develop social media reporting for the NBC San Diego newsroom, organized the San Diego tweetup and consulted with companies on social media strategy. Jenn publishes a blog on Posterous and a social hub.

Kellye Crane– She is a PR/Social Media Consultant, speaker and blogger. Kellye Crane has offered strategic planning, social media, press/influencer relations, technical writing and marketing communications services to some of the world’s largest companies, including: ADP, BellSouth, The Coca-Cola Company, IBM, Intel & Microsoft.

Rashmi Sinha– She is the CEO and Co-founder of Slideshare. Besides running Slideshare, “The YouTube of PowerPoint”, she speaks frequently and is founder of Uzanto Consulting working with companies like eBay and AAA.

Deborah Ng– With substantial credits in professional blogging and social media consulting, Deb sold her network of blogs last year and now works as Conference Director for BlogWorld NY and LA conferences. She’s also the Author of Online Community Management for Dummies which is due out later this year.

Liz Strauss – She is the founder and CEO of SOBCon, an annual event “think tank of the social web”, and founder of Inside-Out Thinking, Author of Successful-Blog.com, a prolific writer and speaker. Liz has made a big impact on the blogging and social media world, helping numerous businesses, organizations and individuals.

Gini Dietrich– This smart & snarky CEO of Chicago based Arment Dietrich is an accomplished author, speaker and communicator through her work developing social media strategies and consulting.

Jill Foster– She is the editor of WomenGrowBusiness.com, a social media and marketing blog for women hosted by Network solutions.

Donna Maria Coles Johnson is the founder and CEO of Indie Beauty Network (a part of Indie Network) and indie Business Media, a communications company offering customized and expert insights to help small and independent business owners maximize their potential in life and business.

Here we are adding one more women in our list as mentioned by Alma Chalupsky –

Andrea Sodergren Vahl– She has co-authored the book Facebook Marketing All-in-one for Dummies and also the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner is the blog that has been consistently ranked in the top 3 . She also know an Grandma Mary- Social Media Edutainer. Follow her @AndreaVahl

If you think we have missed out any one worth mentioning here in the list, do let us know by leaving your feedback in the box below.

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