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Are you still wondering about ROI in social media? Marketers around the world are leveraging Sweepstakes to show actual returns as well as increasing their engagement amongst the fans.

Sweepstake and Contests have always been very popular but given the immense data provided by Facebook and other social media networks, marketers are now turning to these platforms in droves.

Based on several thousand successful sweepstakes, we are showcasing four examples of how companies acquire relevant customers by running Sweepstake on Facebook

1.  Register for a free test drive

Brasilia Harley Davidson has creatively used SocialAppsHQ’s Sweepstakes App to generate interest in test driving. You can engage with your fans by asking questions and by inviting your fans to sign up for sweepstakes.

Note: – You can always internationalize your campaign in your own preferred language by keeping in mind your fans demographic.

2. Give free movie tickets or, round trip ticket to a local destination –

Makemytrip.com is the world’s largest travel company, running its sweepstakes campaign by providing a chance to win tickets to fly for Free!

3. Win Hot Dog Pop-up toaster J or, something that your audience craves

Home Theater Express is running a sweepstakes campaign, where fans are encouraged to sign up first in order to win Hot Dog Pop-up Toaster.

By following this strategy, you can easily get useful email database for the future marketing.

 4. Give free Donuts every week to lucky winners and drive customers to your store 🙂

Dunkin Donuts  has followed the strategy of engaging with fans by giving prizes every week. These kinds of sweepstakes always help in fetching new customers & increase in sales.

Key Takeaways:

In order to run successful sweepstakes campaign, you need to consider these:

  • Choose the prize or giveaways that will entice your fans to participate
  • Choose the right length of time for your campaign
  • Do extensive promotions for your campaign – Facebook Ads, Email blast, put it on your website, offline marketing etc

You can always get started with your own sweepstakes campaign within few minutes by installing our Sweepstakes App 🙂

Simply login at SocialAppsHQ to get started now!

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