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WordPress enables you to blog as much as you want for free, your blog can be public to the world or private for just your friends.

We have shortlisted some of the best WordPress experts who tweet about everything from the latest pluggins and themes to WordPress tips and tricks that will help take your blog to the next level –

  1. WordPress SEO Host: There may be a language barrier on the website of this expert but his tweets will leave you with the latest WordPress information all day, every day.

Follow @BerriePelser

2. Jean-Baptiste Jean:  Jean keeps you in the know about how to make your WordPress blog better with new tools.

Follow @catswhocode

3. Lisa Sabin-Wilson: Lisa is known as best-selling author of WordPress for Dummies. You can take some everyday tips and tricks form Lisa. Lisa always links to some great resources on her twitter that bloggers at different levels will find useful.

Follow @LisaSabinWilson

4. WP Explorer: You can enjoy some of the best and latest information about WordPress with this expert’s twitter.

Follow @WPExplorer

5. WP Engine: WP Engine’s tweets will inform you about how to spend up your site as well as various WordPress services.

Follow @wpengine

6. WordPress Consultant: You can enjoy learning about all the magic that you can do with your WordPress themes and pluggins.

Follow @WPThemeInfo

7. James Coletti: James tweets about WordPress apps that can help businesses as well as anyone looking to monetize their site.

Follow @jamescoletti

8. Theme Lab: Theme Lab is a resourceful place for free WordPress themes and tutorials.

Follow @themelab

9. Dougal Campbell: As a WordPress developer, Dougal will give you insight to cool projects that he’s working on that might help you develop your WordPress site.

Follow @dougal

10. WP Tavern: What a great name for an expert who delivers some of the best pluggins and tools on his tab.

Follow @wptaven

11. WP Goat: WordPress goat is perfect for anyone who is looking for information on how to make their site better in all areas. This expert tells you about everything related to WordPress.

Follow @wordpressgoat

12. Dustin Hartzler: For all WordPress lovers who also have an affinity for Apple products, Dustin will keep you posted on both.

Follow @dhartzler10

13. VooDoo Press: This expert makes learning WordPress enjoyable through his informative yet fun tweets about what you can do with your site.

Follow @wpVooDooPress

14. BK Macdaddy Designs: This expert offers great tips for your site from design to HTML and even social media.

Follow @bkmacdaddy

15. John Eckman: This is a great expert for those who may be a little more advanced. They share their WordPress adventures and as a plugin developer, following John will ensure you know the latest and greatest.

Follow @jeckman

16. Nile Flores: If you need someone to rock out your site a little, Nile Flores is your girl.

Follow @blondishnet

17. Ryan Hellyer: Ryan is a self-proclaimed “WordPress geek extraordinaire” which makes him pretty cool on this list. You will get the geekiest tweets about WordPress from Ryan and they are very informative and entertaining.

Follow @ryanhellyer

18. Bono Calacal: Bono Calacal is jack of all trades WordPress expert. Ninja Crunch is a design blog showcase the best of all design and art related topics.

Follow @ninjacrunch

19. Jeff Starr: Jeff co-authored the book “Digging into WordPress” and his twitter helps you do just that. As a web developer and graphic designer and a WordPress editor for a magazine, you’re in good hands.

Follow @persishable

20. David Wells: David is an enthusiastic WordPress developer and blogs about WordPress at DavidWells.tv. He’s a friendly resource on all things WordPress and a great guy to get to know!

Follow David Wells

21. WP Lift: Find the latest tips and tutorials from an account that runs a blog that is all about WordPress.

Follow @wplift

22. WordPress Beginner: As it turns out, WordPress Beginner is the perfect Twitter account for people who are new to using WordPress. With all the latest resources this account tweets about, even veteran WordPress users will want to follow.

Follow @wpbeginner

23. Total Bounty: Total Bounty is an e-commerce site for HTML templates, pluggins and themes. With Total Bounty, you will always know where to buy some cool applications for your site.

Follow @totalbounty

24. ManageWP: For all those people looking to make a living through WordPress, enjoy some of the best tools through this expert.

Follow @managewp

25.    LabZip:  LabZip provides everything you need to create and monetize WordPress sites for yourself or for your clients. Curate Themes, Plugins, and Tutorials all you can get here.

Follow @WPLabZip

26. WP Snippets: It provides useful hack, tips and tutorials to create a better WordPress theme.

Follow @wpsnippets_

27. WP Vibe: WP Vibe provides quality for site with focused on publishing news about themes, plugins or releases.

Follow @wpvibe

28WordPress TV: It helps in keeping up to date with the latest WordPress.tv.content, or feed us with top tips for future screening.

Follow @WordPressTV

29Cristian Antohe: He is Web-designer working mostly with WordPress. He is also a co-founder of Reflection Media.

Follow @sareiodata

30. WordPress Jedi: It provides one of the best WordPress themes, plugins and tips on how to develop sophisticated websites.

Follow @wpblackbelt

31. WpDezign.com: This provides best WordPress news, videos on the web as voted on by the WordPress community.

Follow @wpdezign

32. WP Life Guard: You can learn how to use WordPress through video tutorials.

Follow @wpLifeguard

33. WP Roots: you can enjoy the finest WordPress tutorials here. This expert has dedicated WordPress tutorials about everything from coding, designing and using WordPress.

Follow @wproots

34. Themegrounds: This is a source for theme inspiration, tutorials and much more. Themegrounds is founded by Red Factory.

Follow @Themegrounds

35. Bob Dunn: This expert is WordPress trainer, social media fanatic & blogger. The best way to describe his WordPress workshops, presentations and webinars is that they are “non geeky”.

Follow @bobWP

36WP Kube: This primarily focuses on WordPress tutorials, Hacks, WP tricks, tips, best WordPress themes, plugins and much more.

Follow @wpkube

37. Latest on WordPress: Find the latest happenings on Word Press’s tutorials, themes, plugins and more. Latest WP can be your daily WordPress one stop.

Follow @LatestOnWP

38. Noel Tock: He is the founder of @happytables, WordPress Developer, passionate about charities and developing Swiss WordPress community.

Follow @noeltock

39. ZippyKid: They are the leading provider of the Fast, Secure, and Stable WordPress websites. Your WordPress site will load 3X faster if you host with them.

Follow @thezippykid

40Regina Smola: If you are looking WordPress Security tips for safer blogging and important security news about internal security, social media, online safety, cyber crime and hosting, then you have come at right place.

Follow @WPSecurityLock

41WebDesign.com: It provides professional web design and marketing training for people interested in deepening their skills or starting freelance web design businesses.

Follow @WebDesigncom

42. WP SNIPP: This expert tweet interesting snippets of WordPress code everyday with over 56 unique snippets.

Follow @wpsnipp

43. WordPress Podcast: This expert provides exclusive interviews with WordPress developers, topics such as WordPress hosting and SEO, and news on the latest plugins and updates.

Follow @wppodcast

44. WP WebHost: You can get the best WordPress Hosting here.

Follow @wpwebhost

45. WP Mods: WP Mods is a WordPress blog which focuses on WordPress themes, Plugins and modifications. It also features the latest WordPress news and views.

Follow @WPMods

46WP Arena: WordPress Arena is growing hot spot for WordPress Developers and Designers, free and useful online resources for you.

Follow @wparena

47. ThemeShock: This expert provides super high quality free design resources for WordPress and Web professionals.

Follow @themeshock

48. BloggingPro: Blogging Pro is one of the oldest news sites around blogs, WordPress and other blogging platforms.

Follow @blpro

49. Envato WP: This is world’s best WordPress tutorials site. You can follow on Twitter as well.

Follow @EnvatoWP

50DynamicWP: This will help you in developing beautiful WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Follow @dynamicwp

So who are your favorite WordPress experts to follow on Twitter? Let us know if we have missed out any expert worth mentioning here in the comments!