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Facebook Timeline is increasing engagement for small and medium size brands in a big way. The new Timeline allows you to share the stories, memories, photos, posts and social experiences related to your hotel.

Here are top 5 things for the hoteliers to follow in order to stay ahead of the competition and have a beautiful new Timeline page –

1.       Cover Photo: This is your chance to make a stunning first impression to anybody visiting your Timeline. The cover photo’s maximum dimensions are 850 pixels by 315 pixels. Now you can have a photo cover designed to take advantage of the extra space you get.

To get noticed, think out of the box and pick something that makes your hotel unique, like a signature cocktail at the bar, an interesting view from the guest rooms, a photo from an annual holiday party etc.

Let’ see an example below –

 (Reethi Beach Resort / Design by D4design Studios

2. Profile Picture: This is the image that gets displayed next to every post you make on Facebook, so it is your opportunity to clearly brand yourself. Keeps this in mind when choosing the cover photo to ensure the profile picture is not hiding any important details.

Let’s see an example –

(Reethi Beach Resort / Design by D4design Studios)

3Applications and Custom Tabs: One of the biggest changes is the removal of the default landing tab. Applications are still available and if you have created a custom welcome tab or added any other special application, it hasn’t disappeared.

You now have 12 applications you can now showcase and only the four applications that you move to the top row will appear prominently. You can go for Facebook Hotel App that can provide the capability for users to check out rooms, location, rates, bookings and photos directly on the hotel’s Facebook page.

Let’s see all the components of new Facebook Timeline page using Hotel App

You can make your Timeline page more beautiful & informative by showcasing the images of all your products & services here in “Gallery section” of Hotels App. See the screen shot here –

You can also provide information about rooms, facilities, rates etc & engage more with your fans. See the example below-

Engage with your fans by giving Coupons. See the example here-

#Tip: You can use Contest and sweepstakes to stimulate visitors to come back and engage. You can see the example here-

   (Reethi Beach Resort / Design by D4design Studios)

4. Timeline:  The actual Timeline is the new version of your wall. This is the area where you can share information about your hotel, and fans interact with your posts. Here are few important points you can consider –

  • Facebook’s new layout gives you the ability to feature specific images spanning across the entire timeline, allowing you to prominently displaying images that can encourage fans to “like” your page.
  • Highlight key events in your corporate history by adding items in the past. Timeline allows you to pick the date you want posts to appear. For hotels with a rich history, this is a great opportunity to highlight how you started where you are today. It can also be used as a fun visual way to show your past renovations.
  • Pin specific posts to the top of your Timeline. At the time of big announcement or running contest, pin it to the top to make sure it gets seen by as many fans as possible.

5. Settings: Settings have largely remained the same, but here are few important points to note:

  • You can no longer set one of your custom applications to be the default landing page for non-fans. If somebody visits your Facebook page, they will always to be directed to the Timeline. This makes it even more important to have a compelling cover photo, great images on the links to your applications.
  • You can lead users directly to your applications by sharing the unique URL for each app, instead of just the main Facebook page.
  • Keep this in mind when linking to promotions or contests from blogs or other social sites to ensure you are driving traffic directly where you want them to land.

Change always brings new opportunities, so make sure you are taking full advantage of new Timeline and getting the most return on your social investment.

Get started with our Hotel App and engage with your customers to get better revenue. If you have better ideas then do share with us!