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Contests are at the heart of social promotions, and with the advent of Facebook’s new Timeline, social media marketers are using Facebook contest Apps a lot more to drive engagement and likes. Don’t worry, SocialAppsHQ suite of contest apps (Photo Contest, Video Contest, Essay Contest and Sweepstakes App) have got you covered.

Here, we are showcasing few of the hundreds of brands that leverage contests –

1.       Baskin & Robins

Baskin & Robins Indonesia is running a photo contest. They have used a fun, eye-catching photo which appeals to their target demographic.


Key Takeaways:

  • Always use the eye-catching header image which encourages each entrant to “Like” your page.
  • Give lucrative prizes that boost social engagement on your page.

2.       Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents have used the theme of “Saint Patrick’s Day Make up contest”. Coastal scents have provided all details about the prize, Last dates for submitting entries, voting and declaration of winner on image.


Key Takeaways:

  • Create fun and excitement- People love contests and the chance to win prizes. Make them interesting and people will play.
  • Convey excitement through messaging.
  • Make your promotion different and, of course, inject personality into it.
  • Running social campaign based on some theme like Valentine’s Day, Thanks giving etc is a great way of engaging more users and thus increases fan base count also.

3. SocialAppsHQ

We have run a photo contest based on theme “Is your Timeline Cover photo the best”. Running photo contests on Facebook are a powerful way to generate buzz. It increase engagement with fans, boosts fan count and helps in building email list.


 Key Takeaways :

  • Offer value and relevance: Find out what turns people on. Most people are interested in a contest or giveaway; it’s just a matter of finding out what they like.
  • Involve creative and promote on the website and through email.
  • Use twitter and other social media to promote your contests on large basis, so that it has broader appeal. 

4.    Friends Most Amazing

Friends Most Amazing has creatively used our Video Contest App on their timeline page based on “Pull out on a prank on your friends’ video contest”.

We all know that videos will soon be 90% of online traffic. It has been proved by study from Web Liquid that there is 0.31% engagement rate for FB posts is video- much higher than posts with just text or links.




Key Takeaways:

  • Video is one of the key tools as a whole in social media as the message that can be conveyed in videos is far stronger and more visual than any amounts of tweets or pictures can ever convey.

5.  Home Theater Express

Home Theater Express is running an exciting Sweepstake which appeals to their target audience. They are giving away Old Fashion Cotton Candy maker!

Once you sign up, you get special link to promote this sweepstake and get referral bonus.

Key Takeaway:

  • With Facebook, you can leverage the power of sweepstakes due to its simplicity and clear value proposition to users.

Here’s the common feature of our various Contest Apps:

  • Our Contest Apps will let your fans submit their entries (we can also pull their FB pictures).
  • Users can use invite friends, share, join mailing list & leave comments to spread the word about contest and their entries.
  • You can customize your contest completely including CSS.
  • You can collect & download entries and vote data.

Leave a comment if you have other great examples of how contests can be leveraged and we will showcase them in our future posts!