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On February 29th, Facebook announced the upgrade that brands had been eagerly waiting for : Timeline. As with all major Facebook launches, marketers had big expectations. Facebook Timeline would help in “showcasing brand’s unique stories and identities” and improve how consumers interact and engage with their favorite brands.

We are using the study data, aims to get beyond the hype and measure the real impact of this change by analyzing the Facebook Fan pages of 15 early adpoters from a variety of industries.The study shows Timeline’s impact by comparing engagement rates before and after Timeline was implemented for these pages.

A study data provided by Simply measured shows that the user engagement of 15 brand pages, the shift from the old Facebook layout to the new Timeline stucture resulted in a jump in various types of user engagement. Some companies, such as Livestrong and Toyota experienced a 161% and 156% pop in engagement, respectively.


By looking at above data, we can compare the engagement before Timeline vs averages after Timeline:

  1. 14% Increase in Fan Engagement
  2. 46% Increase in Content Engaement
  3. 65% Increase in Interactive Content Engagement (Video and Photo)

Marketers have been expressing concern over the new Timeline structure and making the switch over since contest, games and other apps would be impacted by the change.

Timeline was always designed to help increase engagement and provide a more district voice and history to companies that want to layer in video, audio, pictures and other elements for their followers- and it appears to be doing just that.

Facebook said the transition to Timeline is going well, and more than 8 million brands, non profits and companies having already switched their pages to the new format.

Timeline Study-

The study provided by Simply measured shows that the number of responses and comments on the brand pages actually dropped with the new Timeline set-up but the number of people viewing multimedia shot up more than 65%.

Timeline encourages more people to view the larger images and interact with those elements than reply or share a post.

Amongst the 15 brands, Livestrong, Toyota, Humane Society, and Red Bull showed the largest percentage increase in engagement, and, especially a sizable lift in per post averages.


And one of the most surprising findings was that even if a company has not posted in more than a week, content that was featured still attracted new engagement (from viewing to sharing to commenting). So somehow, the layout is giving these brand pages a fresher feel and a livelier look to encourage fans to interact.

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