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Ding, ding, ding! Timeline is rolling out over the next few weeks and once you have it, you can’t go back to your old Facebook Page after 30th March, so there is no escaping it.

Facebook has had a makeover- or more specifically, it’s arranged a makeover for brand and business pages. Brand pages will have to move over to the same Timeline view that personal pages have, with the ‘Cover photo’ at the top, the updated approach to new posts and the improved interaction.

We’ve gathered some helpful information to show you what the new changes mean and how you can continue to run your Facebook pages by using our Timeline Apps without missing a beat. Here is something things for you to look at:

#1. Cover Photo & Profile Image

One of the biggest changes that we all knew was coming was the cover photo. The cover photo maximum dimensions are 850 pixels by 315 pixels. So now you can have a photo cover designed to take advantage of the extra space you get.

Main Takeaways :

  • One of the biggest restrictions is the fact that you can’t have any calls to action in your cover photo
  • You can’t tell people to like or share your page or have any contact information at all, including your web address, phone number or mailing address.
  • The Profile picture is best used for your logo or other eye-catching picture without a lot of words.


#2. Larger, Highlighted and Pinned Posts

To help you tell your stories, the pictures and videos are now larger and more eye-catching. You can also a highlight a story (by clicking the star icon in the upper right of a post) so that it spans all the way across the Timeline.

Main Takeaways :

  • You can also pin the story to the top of your Timeline for up to a week. To do this, click the pencil icon in the upper right of the post and select Pin to Top.


#3. Setting Company Milestones

Yes, Setting Company Milestones is another thing you can add to make your Timeline more interesting. You can tell people about big events in the life of your brand or company.

All you need to do is click on the line that runs down the middle of your Timeline and select Milestone. Then you can fill out the information as shown:


Main Takeaways :

  • Because the posts from your fans are in a separate area, your Timeline is now more focused on your story.
  • People may be spending more time reading your Timeline rather than just coming to your page to ask a question.
  • The more visually engaging you can make your Timeline, the better.



#4. New Applications

One of the biggest changes is the removal of the default landing tab. Applications are still available and if you have created a custom welcome tab or added any other special application, it hasn’t disappeared.

You now have 12 applications you can now showcase and only the four applications that you move to the top row will appear prominently. You cannot change the position of the photos, so technically you only have three applications that you have control over in that top row.


To move your apps around, first click the down arrow next to your top row of apps to display all of your apps. Next, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the app. Then select the app that you would like to swap positions with. As mentioned, you cannot change the position of the Photos app.

The new app button features will give us an opportunity to be creative. You can change the photo that appears for the app and you can rename the app to give a call to action.

To change your app photo, again display all of your apps with the down arrow button next to the top row of apps and click on the pencil icon. Scroll down to the Edit setting selection and from there you can add a custom tab image.

 For more information on timeline setting, click here!


#5: Facebook Insights, Admin Panel and Messaging 

Another change with the Timeline is the location of the Insights. You can now access them by clicking on the Admin Panel in the upper right corner.

The Admin Panel has much different navigation than before, but everything appears to be there.


You will still be able to see the old-style Page Dashboard, if you click the Manage drop-down menu and then Edit Page.

From the Admin Page, you can also invite your email contacts, invite friends, share your page and create an ad from the Build Audience drop-down menu.

One of the most interesting developments of the new page Timelines is that we can now get more information on other pages that have changed to the Timeline. When you click on the Likes box, just underneath their Timeline cover photo you can see the most popular age group, a People talking About This Trend graph and their most popular week.

Main Takeaways :

  • Companies could possibly hide the Likes box by swapping it to a lower position than the top 12 apps that are accessible to the public. But that would also hide the social proof of how many people like your page.
  • Pages will also have the ability to receive messages from fans. The Message feature can be turned on or off from the Manage Permissions area of the Admin Dashboard.



What do you think? Now it’s time to weigh in with your thoughts about all the changes. Leave your questions and comments in the box below!