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Finally, Facebook has announced Timeline pages for brands which will arrive later this month. Facebook is giving page administrators the chance to preview, tweak, and publish their new design immediately, but the new design won’t be forced on you until March 30, 2012. In other words, you have until March 30 to play around with the new design without publishing before it must go live.

Timeline for brands won’t be an exact copy of what you already see on personal pages. Tabs or apps that currently appear on a page’s sidebar may instead show as boxes on a brand’s timeline. Plus, brands will likely be able to add past events that don’t necessarily tie into the date on which the brand joined Facebook, i.e. a company’s founding or other historic milestone.

Here’s what you need to know to make the most out of the new design and all the features it has to offer-

  • You can still use your 520px tabs in the new Timeline format: If you have already switched to Timeline, don’t worry, your tabs are still functioning!
  • Tabs can be 810px wide – we are launching the new design to work with 810px within 2 days.
  • Facebook no longer has the ability to set default landing tabs for non-fans in Timeline: This doesn’t mean fan-gating is not an option, as visibility settings are still alive and kicking.
  • Take a peek at Timeline by converting your page (here is how) and use one of our several images from gallery  to be your cover image.
  • You can reorder images right below the cover photo to show your top apps (we know they are all from SocialAppsHQ)

But even with all the changes, as always, you don’t have to do a thing! We will do it automatically for you as we have done in past after other platform upgrades.

Our apps are already timeline ready! We are also adding new features so that users of app can not only like but also read, watch eat, rent, buy etc (leverage new Facebook open graph objects). This will enable you to leverage SocialAppsHQ apps to have presence on user’s timeline and get more customers through referrals.

So use the next month to experiment with your timeline, and achieve the look you want before you publish it to the world. In the meantime, we’ll keep the helpful content coming and do our best to send best practices in this new era.


SocialAppsHQ Team