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Everything the brand marketers all over the worlds knew about fan pages on Facebook would be overturned in favor of the new Timeline for Brands format. Let’s show you all the components of new Facebook page-

  1. Cover Photo (851×315 pixels) – Capture the essence of your business and showcase your product or service.
  2. Profile Picture (180×180 pixels) – Use a logo that people associate with your business.
  3. Page Title, Likes, and People talking about this– Glance at your high-level stats such as the number of Likes, People Talking about This, and Check-ins.
  4. About – Tell the world who you are with basic information about your business (i.e. your mission, brief description, and founding date).
  5. Views and Apps – Your photos, events, and custom apps are found here. Change the order so people see what matters to you first. Additional views and apps can be found by clicking the drop-down arrow.
  6. Composer – The best way to reach your audience across Facebook and drive engagement is by posting regularly to your Page.
  7. Pinned Post – Anchor the most important story to the top of your Page for up to seven days.
  8. Friend Activity – People will see how their friends interact with your Page.
  9.  Data Selector – People can navigate to different sections of your Page timeline.
  10. Admin Panel– View notifications, respond to messages, view Page Insights, and edit Page content.

So use the next month to experiment with your timeline, and achieve the look you want before you publish it to the world. In the meantime, we’ll keep the helpful content coming and do our best to uncover any new best practices as we find them!