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Contests are at the heart of social promotions, and designing successful ones from an engagement perspective is not easy. Contests and promotions through social media outposts like Twitter and Facebook are a great way to generate excitement and engage and involve your friends and followers. It’s a key to get people interacting with your brand, product, event or organization in a meaningful way while helping you to identify your most enthusiastic advocates.

Some of the top brands are using our Contest app and we are excited to share these top brand pages and want our users to get inspired from these awesome pages:-

#1.  Barista Lavazza

Now that December’s holiday cheer has faded, and those green and red decorations are back in storage, what’s next/ Valentine’s Day, with all of its pink, white, chocolate and cellophane glory. This is a perfect time to reach users- at just the moment they are contemplating romantic plans- through specialized content, promotions, messaging, and branded media.

Barista Lavazza has done fabulous branding on welcome page, also making clear the incentives for liking the page. You can see the page below:-


 Key Takeaways :

  • Create fun and excitement- People love contests and the chance to win prizes. Make them interesting and people will play.
  • Convey excitement through messaging.
  • Make your promotion different and, of course, inject personality into it.
  • Running social campaign based on some theme like Valentine’s Day, Thanks giving etc is a great way of engaging more users and thus increases fan base count also.


#2. Snap Deal

Snap Deal is an online retail store. Promotions are most successful when they are part of a larger, integrated campaign. Snap Deal has effectively customized the page by proving the valuable prizes for liking the page and entering into the contest. The page is full of information about prizes and contest which is great way of engaging users and encouraging them to participate in the contests.


 Key Takeaways :

  • Offer Value and relevance: Find out what turns people on. Most people are interested in a contest or giveaway; it’s just a matter of finding out what they like.
  • Involve creative and promote on the website and through email.
  • Use twitter and other social media to promote your contests on large basis, so that it has broader appeal.

#3.  Supertots

Supertots is an online game site. Sometimes complex games are fun. It’s great to utilize the “flavor of the month” technologies out there, but keep your audience in mind and don’t make them do anything that will generate more perplexed questions than actual participation.



Key Takeaways : –

  • Make your contests simple for users to partcipate.
  • Get peeps engaged – Try to run campaign which get folks involved with your brand or organization.
  • You can also run a Twitter promotion that asked folks to tell in 140 characters or less, why they should get a free conference pass.
  • Create something that allows people to interact directly with your brand- It’s key to getting traction and conversation going in your social media communities.


If you want to run a contest, checkout Contest App by SocialAppsHQ. Here is a summary of app features


What we offer through our photo contest app:

  • A simple and easy way to promote your brand by using our photo contest app
  • Presents user with variety of options and asks them to vote and share the content
  • Customizable sign up form and design (CSS etc) of your page
  • Real-time analytics
  • Export all your contest data along with entries and votes.


  • Unlimited no. of entries and no fan limit
  • Increase fans through likegating
  • Drive user engagement
  • Drive referral traffic (through share and invite) from facebook
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign through real time analytics


What sorts of Contest would you like to run for your Facebook users? Leave us a note with your comment – We love hearing your ideas and would love to connect with you.