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Are you struggling to figure out how to market your business with Google+? Looking for some tips and ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Google + is new social media platform. Like other social media platforms, you can interlink Google+ with your Facebook page and can add photos, videos, share links and post comments. SocialAppsHQ has just launched its new Google+ and Instagram app for Facebook users. By installing our Google+ app, you can do all sort of things that you’re already doing on Facebook and even on twitter.

So here are the best 3 Google pages to follow and get inspirations from:-


#1. Android

Android’s Google+ page is the most popular business page with more than 140,000 fans. Unlike many other big brands’ business pages, Android’s audience is engaged and posts are averaging hundreds of +1’s comments and shares.


#2. Pepsi – Where there’s Music, there’s Pepsi!

Yes. Pepsi’s tagline on Google+ is, “Where there’s music, there’s Pepsi!” The company is conducting marketing and promotional schemes as well as connecting with their users through music. Asking customers directly what their music interests are, bringing about latest deals and offers, Pepsi seems to be doing it quite well at Google+. It’s making the most of customer’s love for music for its own promotional purposes. You can do the same for your business too.


#3. WWE – Yeah, Punch Em!!!

WWE’s page is all about video content. They use fewer words, and more pictures. For sports organizations and businesses, this is a good page to learn the basics of sports making i.e. Use less words, give more news, highlights sensational headlines.


It’s an ideal time to invest in social media websites and join business pages that you find creative, interactive and which serve their purpose well. That’s the best, cheapest and easiest way to learn social media marketing.



  • The most interactive content includes rich media that offers up something unpredictable and unique.
  • Knowing your audience and staying “On message” by giving them what they want is a sure way to boost engagement.
  • Post based upon recently news events, trending topics and other time-sensitive content tend to be share-worthy.
  • Creating and promoting a GREAT deal on your products can engage your community.
  • Keeping your campaign calls to action clearly visible on your Google+ page can help with campaign success.



What are your thoughts? Do you feel it’s time to get onboard the Google+ train? Get started with our newly launched Google Plus app for Facebook pages. Leave your comments and feedback in the box below.