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You can be professional while also ‘keeping it real’ with your customers. By interacting with customers in a less formal way, you’ll build a strong human connection that helps build brand loyalty.” –   David Hauser, Co-founder, Grasshopper


The online forms are an effective way for users to communicate with brands and for brands to engage and acquire customers. To ensure that the forms you’re creating are effective, be sure that they incorporate three key points:

# Use Big, bold typefaces:

Keep your signup form very creative with your logo and brand message in bold type that immediately capture user’s attention.

See the example below, where SocialAppsHQ has creatively designed their Sign-Up form by using SocialAppsHQ logo and Big, bold typefaces that you can leverage too.


# Make sure your forms have a clear purpose:

 Provide the users with an incentive that will motivate them to sign up. A good example of an incentive would be to offer the user some sort of FREE giveaway, such as a FREE eBook, a FREE trial, or a FREE download. This will develop the user’s trust in your Facebook page, thus increasing his or her potential to become a paying customer down the road. To achieve this, make sure that the forms you create answer five key questions for the user:

  • ·         What is this?
  • ·         Why should we use this?
  • ·         Who else is using this?
  • ·         How do I sign up?
  • ·         When will I receive the emails, prize, or other follow-up in return?

By answering these questions, you will be able to set up realistic user expectations, which promotes the development of an honest relationship between your audience and your brand.

See the example below, Delia’s Restaurant has innovatively designed Sign-Up form page by mentioning about Newsletter, giveaways, and purpose of signing form.


# incorporate calls to action on your buttons:

Buttons are inclines on online forms to compel a user to do something. By incorporating custom calls to action into your buttons, such as “Sign-Up for our Newsletter”, “Get Product Updates” and “Download Our Free E-book” they become inherently more enticing to users than a simple “submit” button. Keep this in mind when you design forms, and give users a reason to click!


Do you have more creative ideas? Weigh in with your own creative ideas in the comments below. We will greatly appreciate your feedback!