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Small businesses can stand out in a big way with Facebook. If you’re looking for some creative examples of Facebook pages, look no further!

We have reviewed Facebook pages by analyzing their landing pages, engagement, reader involvement and creative use of promotions. Here are the 10 best Facebook pages that have customized their page very innovatively.

1)      Smith Marketing Team

Smith Marketing Team is a Real Estate Company and customized their page by using our Real Estate tab. This page is proved to be best example for our Real estate developers. The page has been creatively customized by :

  • Description about their real estate listings
  • Proper response to all queries of fans
  • Leads will be directly delivered to your inbox or online query sysytem.
  • Proper map listings
  • Daily updates about its upcoming project & existing project inorder to increas awareness amongst fans.
Key Takeaways :

  • Provide proper description about the real estate projects, areas & locations.
  • Keep your fans updated about upcoming projects.
  • Respond to your fans and answer all their queries in order to increase brand loyalty.

2)      Snap Retail

Snap retail is an online marketing agency for retail stores. The page has been customized by using quotes, links and personal stories in posts. “Snappy Hour” is a great way to increase conversation, involvement and answer social media marketing questions.

Key Takeaways :  

  •   Keep it personal through photo uploads and allowing employees to reveal their identities.
  • Welcome tab has a good video and integration with other social media platforms.
  • E-commerce app can also be leveraged to increase online sales.


3)      HiredMyWAY.COM

HiredMyWay.com is the premier online recruitment website driven by results for job candidates, employers and referrers. The page has been customized by vibrant image to “Like” the page , good use of content and mentioned purpose for “liking” the page.

Key Takeaways :

  • Use contest in order to keep your fans engaged
  • Use images that show a clear benefit to entice fans to “like” the page.


4)         Arizona Pro DJs

 Arizona Pro DJs is a teen entertainment company based in Scottsdale, AZ. The page has been creatively customized by using vibrant graphics. It appeals to the right demographic & incentivizes users to like the page (by giving away prizes).

Key Takeaways :

  • Use appropriate images in order to attract the right demographic.
  • Excellent engagement practices of posting photos and asking for feedback.



 5)      The Naptural Roots Magazine

The Naptural Roots Magazine is premier natural hair care and lifestyle magazine. The page is creatively customized by using Welcome tab, Signup tabGifts tabVideo tabPolls Tab.


Key Takeaways :

  • Keep your fans returning to your page by gifts, sweepstakes and other incentives in order to increase your fan base.
  • Great use of links for sign up form.
  • Great use of videos & polls, this you can leverage too in order to keep your fans engaged.


 6)      Joli Petite

Joli Petite is a home-based business that offers quality baby toys & products that were not only fun and innovative, but also educational and affordable. The page has been customized by using our Welcome tab & Discussion tab. The page includes:

  • Great use of incentives and giveaways to attract the fans.
  • Great use of content for “liking” the page.
  • Proper use of images with keeping in based on kids-based company.
  • Great use of Discussion Tab, this you can leverage too.

 Key Takeaways :

  • Go for Discussion tab as this is one of the best ways to keep your fans engaged.
  • Always use great content in order to attract your fans and make it valuable.
  • Use incentives and giveaways to attract fans and increase “like” on your Facebook page.


 7)     Nikites

Nikites is a fashion and glamour based magazine. The page has been beautifully customized by using our Welcome tab, RSS tab, Tweet tab & Coupons tab. The page includes:

  • Great use of appropriate image based on fashion & glamour based to attract fans.
  • Great use of tweet app in order to keep fans engaged.
  • Excellent use of app with appealing name.
  • Great use of appealing image for contest.

Key Takeaways :

  • Use appealing images to attract the attention of your fans.
  • Keep contest in order to engaged with your fans
  • Use tweet and great landing page to increase your fan bases.



 8)      PayPal

PayPal allows you to make purchases on the internet faster and safer, as well send and receive payments in different currencies. The page has been customized by using our Contest app


Key Takeaways :

  • Customize your page based on theme like Christmas, seasons in order to attract fans.
  • Provide all company related information on your landing page, in order to make fans more aware about your services.
  • Keep using contest in order to get engaged with your fans. 


 9)      Barkers Red Hots

Barkers Red Hots is a unique charcoal-broiling process restaurant. The page has been customized by great landing image based on Christmas by using Welcome tab, Holiday Contest apptweet app & Blog app.

Key Takeaways :

  • Excellent use of apps for displaying menu, reviews and reservations.
  • Engagement on wall is personable and consistent.
  • Variety in posts( blogs, pictures, links) 

10) Obeo

Obeo is a creator of online interactive visual experiences for realtors. The page has been customized by using incentives to “like” the page. The page includes nice presentation of video and virtual staging on welcome tab.


Key Takeaways :

  • Use good incentives, giveaways, sweepstakes to “like” the page and also to keep your fans engaged
  • Use videos and polls to keep your fans engaged.
  • Smart use of content hosted on YouTube.

Congratulations to all Facebook pages ! Be sure to check out these amazing pages and leave your comments in the box below.