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We all know that McDonald’s, has the largest Facebook restaurant page, with 1.24 million fans. Facebook fans matter, of course, because you can convert them to actual customers.

For anyone trying to market a restaurant on Facebook, here’s a look at how to be successful. And, to be clear, these practices below can be used by local eateries just as easily as by national chains. Here they are, in order from simplest to most complex

# 1 Have a Facebook page

Creating a Facebook page is simple: Just sign up and fill out the basic information about your business. You can designate yourself as a local restaurant under the “Local” option or as a food or beverage brand under the “Brand, Product or Organization” option. For example, Triple George Restaurant has innovatively customized their Facebook page that you can leverage too.

Key Takeaways :

  • Customize your Facebook page with all the details of your product, menu & Addresses.
  • Customize your welcome Tab in innovative manner in order to attract more fans on your Facebook page.

#2 Use updates to convert fans to your marketing goals

Take out the time to do this every day or even every week as this is the most important way to keep your fans engaged with you. Even posting simple status updates about your business — or really, anything you think is relevant — will be seen by users in their homepage news feeds.

Triple George Restaurant for example, simply shares links from its other sites, yet hundreds if not thousands of people comment and like each item. Sharing anything will get people to click through and read your page, and see whatever else your page has to offer. When users comment, their friends will see links to these comments on Facebook walls. And, Facebook analytics tool for pages, Insights, determine the demographics of your fan population and use this information to tailor your stories in appropriate and fitting ways.


Key Takeaways :

  • Share links from other sides and encourage your fans to comment on your wall post.
  • Sharing anything on wall post will get people to click through and read your page, and see whatever else your page has to offer.
  • Sharing pictures & videos are best way to keep engaging your fans on your Facebook page .

# 3 Interact with your fans as much as possible

When a customer approaches you in real life to tell you what they think of your business, you’ll listen.So why not here? You might hear some useful criticism, or some timely compliments. Also, when you respond, you’re more likely to get them to respond — this additional activity will further increase the chance of your fans’ friends seeing. If you’re willing to go even further in this direction, there’s an option in the administrative panel to let the default filter on your wall include posts from fans.

For an example of that, see Papa John’s page-

Key Takeaways :

  • Always respond to your fans on whatever they say about your product, services & experiences.
  • Giving importance to your fans will help in converting fans into customers.


#4  Use multimedia to show off your cuisine and dining experience

Photos and videos say a lot about food, if not the overall style of your establishment. Make sure to let your fans see what you offer, by posting your latest or most prized dishes. Krispy Kreme, for example, posts updates about new types of donuts — like this “pumpkin spice,” which seems to have gone over better with some fans than with others (valuable feedback).


Key Takeaways :

  • Always use flattering images of your food which attracts your fans to like your page.
  • Use videos and you tube to explain more about your product making process and get involve your fans with you more.

# 5 Integrate your page with other marketing efforts

Are you also running some sort of contest on another site? Make sure your Facebook fans know about it. For example, Baskin Robbins page includes one tab that is just an image of its “Birthday Club” birthday ice cream giveaway. It seems simple, but click on the image and you can go sign up for the Birthday Club on the company’s home site. You can edit your tabs within the admin section of your page. For those on Twitter, pages can both receive tweets from Twitter and export status updates into Twitter accounts.


Key Takeaways :

  • Tweet about your menu of the day on regular basis in order to inform your fans about your special menu.
  • Customize your Tab according to your need and keep engaging fans on your Facebook page.
  • Provide open-table reservation on Facebook.


6. Use existing applications to promote your story

Polls, quizzes and other types of applications are readily available within the admin section for page owners, and they just take a few clicks to install. Facebook offers some generic ones, like a discussion board, but you can also add any other app within Facebook’s app directory. One option, if you know how to develop in HTML, is to create your own tab customization using Facebook’s HTML-style FBML markup language.


Key Takeaways :

  • Use polls, quizzes and contest to get more involve with your Fans.
  • Keep updating about Facebook deals in order to keep returning to your fans on your Facebook page.



7. Consider building your Facebook fan base more quickly with Facebook Ads

Facebook pages can be advertised on other parts of the site, and targeted to specific types of users. If you’re a local restaurant, this might make especially good sense — just use Facebook’s advertising to narrow the list of people who will see your ads to your geographic area. For example


Key Takeaways :

  • The goal of any restaurant is to get people coming back & recommending it to friends.
  • Facebook advertising is a great way of keep reminding people about your product & services.


8. Create an app just for Facebook fans

This is for restaurants with larger marketing budgets, but it’s worth exploring whether or not an app would make sense for your users. A good example of this comes from Pizza hut, which created an app called Big Dinner Box Party, that lets people to invite their friends to join party and also give them coupons for free Cinnamon sticks . This is a great way of keeping your fans engaged.


Key Takeaways :

  • Customize Tab with an image of a printable coupon would be one way to keep engaging your fans – just see who brings the coupon in.
  • Provide an option of on line booking to your fans, this tip you can leverage too on your Facebook page.


So get started with our Restaurant app and Share your ideas and leave comments in the box below.