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Holiday is the best time to start thinking of ways to incorporate the holiday season into your social media campaigns. Many brands on Facebook successfully attract customers during the holidays but only few of them able to keep their customers throughout the year.

In fact, there’s no better time to engage with fans than the holiday season. Here, we are showcasing Five Best Facebook Pages to guide you how you can enhance your Facebook page by using Holiday social media strategy:-


Costa Coffee has used good strategy that you can leverage too:

  • They have customized Facebook page by using the Christmas theme, which you can leverage too.
  • Use of images that flatters and matches with your brand.
  • Use of different tabs with colors matching to their images.



By offering incentives you are giving your customers big reason to come back. Yogurt Mountain has used one of best tactics that you can leverage too by offering Holiday season card to your fans. This is also a great way to attract more buyers. You may offer several stuff based on your customer preferences.

Key Takeaways :

  • Use special Holiday offers card to gain new followers and reward loyal customers who may not be aware of social media presence.
  • Be consistent in offering it, especially to your regular customers.



Alexandalexa.com has used a good strategy by providing weekly gift promos to their fans. This is a fantastic way to give your fans to an exciting and engaging treat.


Key Takeaways :

  • If you’re running holiday-themed promotions, keep reminding your fans to enter.
  • Reach out and nudge your audience to enter, and get them to take action by reminding them when the sweepstakes will end.



Wild fire Interactive has created a branded calendar with an engagement initiative that spans a series of days. Calendar reveals something appealing each day and which you can message your fans about each reveal.


Key Takeaways:

  • Give fans the chance to win a special prize on random days.
  • Provide a new tip or trick each day
  • Reveal a great coupon each day


# 5    KEURIG

The holidays provide a great reason to run a seasonal promotion. Most brands release seasonal items or plan limited production runs around specific dates – use your Facebook messages to highlight these limited-time items, as Keurig does with a message about the three seasonal coffee flavors being released for the fall.


Key Takeaways : –

  • Engage your fans with messages that encourage them to reminisce & Share their stories on your page.
  • This way your fans will connect the warm emotions they feel with your brand as well.


How do you think companies can use the holidays to connect with their social media followers? What are some great holiday social media promotion’s you’ve seen? Share your ideas and leave comments in the box below.