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“Group discussion is very valuable; group drafting is less productive”

                                                                                                                       Jon Pastel

Discussion board provides an opportunity to engage with fans; an excellent area for admin to collect feedback, answer requests and bond with fans in discussions.

In order to fully leverage a discussion forum, follow these simple guidelines –

1)    Group your discussion into logical categories e.g. e-commerce Company can have Feature request, Customer complaints, Testimonials and other sub-groups.

2)    Seed a discussion group by asking fans for feedback on wall as well as in the forum. Such discussions can make your customers feel connected and later become your brand advocates

3)    Always, monitor the forums and delete posts, ban users who do not behave in order to maintain certain decorum. You can provide an engaging, safe environment for users to feel free to participate and not feel threatened by bullies.

4)    If someone writes a useful note, make it sticky so that everyone reads it.

Our discussion forum app allows you to do all of above and lot more.

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